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Inspiring the Female Leaders of Tomorrow. 

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Supporting social change and sisterhood.

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Want to be a part of a our organization? We have many opportunities for women and teenage girls.  Join us and become a part of the movement. 

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Empowering Her has been taken to new levels and now has a research committee. To support our research endeavors complete our first survey of 2018. 

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Empowering Her's podcast, Be Her, is releasing this spring. Itwill embody all things girl and create a safe space for women, to discuss their experiences authentically. Subscribe to our latest project, Be Her.

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Empowering Her has many events this year and would love for you to join us on our journey to leadership, sisterhood and healing. 

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Leadership Esteem and Expression 


 Supporting Education and Advocacy 

Empowering Her advocates for women and girls receiving the education based on individual lifestyles and preferences. The organization specializes in obtaining educational resources for women and girls throughout New Jersey.