The thing about self-accountability is, you either have it, or you don't. The new Asia doesn't like to think in black and white. However, the moment I became truly aware of self.  I started to notice disconnected people all around me which taught me a lesson about myself. My observations led me down a rabbit hole, so I studied my social interactions. I saw myself repetitively held accountable for things I had no control over. I journaled until my pens bleed out on the paper telling its own story.  

Projection became deflection and then that became denial all because people don't like truly looking at what they are.

For so long I didn't either. 

Until the old Asia met the new Asia, and they had a conversation.

The conversation was about responsibility, self-love and most importantly accountability. Post conversation I started shedding immediately, I became more invested in what belonged to me. My skin got brighter, I lost weight and I took the time with myself.  I spent more time with people that made the active choice to love me. I lost loved ones and created new boundaries. 

My body, My soul, My mind became top priorities.  

Over 20 years of overloving, over caring, overdoing and overcompensating taught me two things. 

I had all the tools to be accountable for myself. I had years of practice. 


My shedding would cause an uproar in those around me who have yet to learn, the role they play in their own lives. 

Nonetheless, I would inspire accountability by showing up for myself and loving from a full cup. 

Asj Gee