What We Do

Leadership Summer Summit 

Empowering Her hopes to develop and inspire the female leaders of tomorrow The bi-yearly summit is in July. The summit focuses on leadership, women's issues globally, esteem and expression.  The program is designed for girls in northern NJ (Union and Essex County). Official registration starts late April. 

Register to express interest.

Resources For Girls

Empowering Her dedicates an entire section on the website to resources for teenage girls and women. The resources are available under the Her tab, by clicking that you can access stories, research, a book club and of course general resources.   


Empowering Her host multiple workshops through the year. Workshops can be a physical gathering or virtual. Past workshops have concentrated on healing, self care, sisterhood and leadership. All workshops will be present on the events page

Community Service 

Empowering Her believes in the beauty of giving back to our sisters and community . With the assistance of partnerships the organization develops community service opportunities for girls by girls. Click here if you are interested in a  community service  partnership with Empowering Her.

Match Mentoring

Empowering Her knows that all leaders need mentors to help them on their journey. Throughout the year the organization takes applications of teenage girls seeking mentoring and matches them with a compatible mentor. Click here to become an Empowering Her mentor or mentee. 

Research Initiative

The founder of Empowering Her has a love for qualitative and quantitative research. The organization has developed a research committee and will be primarily focusing on the experiences of women of color. Click here to access our research section.