Our Vision

Inspiring the Female Leaders of Tomorrow.


Dear Little Leader, 

If you found this page--you are a leader. Life has a funny way of giving us the lessons we need whether we like it our not. Empowering Her started as an idea on  my college campus in the cafeteria over lunch with a sorority sister.  In retrospect it seems like a dream, something I thought I would never really be able to create. At that time I didn't look at it as an idea that i'd given birth to in response to trauma, pain and loss.

Empowering Her taught me the magic of purpose and work simultaneously. The beauty of listening to life and leading in it fearlessly and passionately.  Back in 2013 I had everything I needed to make Empowering Her what it is today---

I didn't know all I needed was already inside of me. 

&  before Empowering Her 

 I used to believe that life was something I could define my purpose in but now at twenty-five I see that life is so much bigger than me--- leadership, love, loss, beauty and pain provide us all the lessons to give the world what it needs. My hope and prayer is that you answer your calling like I did the spring of 2013 listen to what life gives you and "always listen while leading."


 "Pink Aura Manifestation  you have become bigger than anything I could have dreamed of-- thanks for staying by my side in the light and dark, thank you for being the shining glow that ultimately lead me home to myself."- Asia 



I'Asia Gee
Founder, Light worker